Congratulations on your new purchase! By choosing Valley Pool & Spa, you can expect superior customer service and guidance from the highly trained team throughout the entire process. Whether it be questions about water chemistry or fitting your pool with the right equipment, they have the answer!

Along with your purchase, you elected to receive a quality installation from B&T Installations.  We are highly recommended in the Tri-State area and will be handling the scheduling, delivery, excavation and installation.

Due to the amount of installations performed during peak season, this page will serve as your resource guide, a place to find the answers to your most common questions and paperwork database.


Important Considerations Before Delivery:

You can measure on your own by using a string cut half of the diameter of the pool. Find the center of where you would like the pool and walk the string out in a few directions. You can also use spray paint to mark the ground as you walk the circle out. Keep in mind, an additional 18 inches is required around the pool so if you purchase a 24 foot round pool, you’ll need 27 feet.

Alternatively, professional site checks are available for a $75 non-refundable fee.

Each township, borough, municipality, etc has their own codes and requirements. It is your duty, as the homeowner, to get all necessary permits. Start this process as soon as possible as it can take some time to process.
811 is the federally designated call before you dig number that helps homeowners and professionals avoid damaging these vital utilities. When you make the free call to 811 a few days before you dig, you'll help prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.
Once you have read over the process and electronically signed your documents, you will be emailed within five business days to be scheduled.

Up to three, separate appointments may be required.

Pool Delivery

Typically, there is no more than a two week window between delivery and installation. Weather is an unpredictable factor. If your site gets wet, installation cannot begin until the ground has dried to the installers satisfaction.

There will be at least two appointments. Delivery happens on a day separate from excavation/installation. Most often, excavation and installation happen on two different days.

Someone 18 or over MUST be present to sign for the product on delivery day.

Typically delivery days are set in stone barring any unforeseeable circumstances.

Excavations usually happen on the scheduled day unless weather doesn't allow it . Excavations are typically postponed during heavy rains due to the mess it creates.

Installations dates are always estimated and are NEVER set in stone. Many factors can change your installation date and we certainly can’t control the weather. Although we will work in the rain, if the ground gets saturated we will not be able to install your pool that day. It is imperative that we have a solid surface for installation. Your pool holds thousands of gallons of water which equates to many thousands of pounds of pressure pushing on the ground. Building on a wet and soft surface can cause depressions, settling of the posts resulting in an unlevel pool, etc.
We strive to leave you with a quality install for years to come . As professionals, we always have your best interests in mind when making our decisions.

If you are rescheduled due to the ground being to wet or soft, please be aware it will not be rescheduled for the following day. All soil dries at a different rate. If you are told the ground is too wet it takes AT LEAST a week to dry. We will fit you back into the schedule accordingly and as soon as possible. We will call you and, tentatively, put you back on the schedule

High Winds. Your pool can be damaged during install if the wind collapses your pool prior to filling it up.

Missing parts.

Most crews complete two pool installations a day. Sometimes an installation runs longer for numerous reasons and there’s only so many hours of daylight to finish the job.

Although someone has to be home for these appointments, we never tell anyone to take off work for the reasons above. Please schedule on a day you or someone can be home.

Since we are based out of the Pittsburgh area, if any rescheduling is required, it will be done in accordance to when we will be back in your area. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT OUR COMPANY ON THE PERMIT SINCE WE ARE OUT OF STATE.
Someone 18 or over must be home to sign for your delivery.

We typically do six deliveries a day. You will receive a call on the morning of your delivery to give you your APPROXIMATE delivery time. We CANNOT and will not give delivery times prior to the morning of your delivery because many factors go into mapping our route.

If someone other than the homeowner is signing for the delivery, please make sure you stake where you would like the center of the pool to be for site check reasons.

One delivery associate will unload the pool. We do not put pools in backyards unless our truck can fit back there with ease. For safety reasons and due to the boxes being heavy we do not deliver the product up any stairs, down any hills or farther than 25 feet from our delivery truck.

Should your delivery exceed the criteria outlined above we will unload the product in the driveway and you will be responsible for moving the boxes.

You must have a space available to store the pool. We prefer that it’s stored in a garage to protect the boxes from the elements. If indoor storage isn’t an option, please make sure you tarp the items.

After the pool is unloaded and signed for, you will show us where you want the pool installed. The delivery associate will spray out in paint where the pool is going for the excavator to reference unless it’s a previous pool site. The grade of your yard will measured as well.

The delivery associate cannot answer any pool installation questions as the do not install pools. You will find most answers here.

Your excavation will happen after your pool has been delivered. If you haven’t been cleared by calling 811, we will be forced to postpone your excavation. It is the homeowners responsibility to make sure there is nothing under the ground where we will be digging. We are not responsible for any utilities, septic tanks, french drains, etc that might be dug up when we excavate.

The excavation crew will shoot out the grade upon arrival and have you sign the excavation contract. You can find this on the site and print it and sign it prior to excavation for your convenience.

The rig is over 40 feet long. We have to be able to have a place to park and be able to turn around. There must be safe access for the crew to transport the machine to the pool site.
Fences must be taken down and cars, trampolines, swing sets etc must be moved out the way prior to arrival. Time is of the essence and the crew may have subsequent appointments that day. Although we do our best to limit damage to your yard, the machine is 12,000 lbs and can cause rutts, tracks and divots. If the yard is wet, expect more wear.

Depending on the grade of your yard , you will have a significant amount of dirt piled up from the excavation. WE DO NOT MOVE OR HAUL DIRT AWAY. Dirt is left on site within 15 ft of the pool site. For liability reasons, we will not load dirt into trailers or trucks.

If you would like the dirt spread or moved further than 15ft, ask the excavator for a quote. Time permitting, the excavator will be happy to help as long as there is a mutual agreement on cost. Any additional work such as digging out stumps, digging pads, etc will also come at an additional charge.

Your yard will be excavated with a skid steer. If we we hit shale, hard pan, etc and can’t excavate the site, you will be responsible for hiring another company, at your expense, to finish the job with another machine.

A few notes on the grading of your yard

Anything more than an 18 inch grade may require a retaining wall. We also offer a cutback option eliminating the need for an retaining wall. Anything over an eight inch grade requires a french drain to keep water from puddling around the high side of your pool. You are required to maintain a 48 inch barrier per Pennsylvania law. If your grade is over a certain amount, you may require a fence or a cutback to meet that criteria.

There’s nothing tidy about a pool excavation.It is truly a construction project. Once the pool is up and filled, you can begin your landscaping.

Please print, read and sign the excavation contract.


We do not accept checks or credit cards.

You will get a call the morning of installation from the installer with an estimated time frame. Please remember, installation dates are never set in stone due to many factors; primarily weather. Please don’t take off work. Rather, try to coordinate it with your day off or have someone else there.

Please have your block and sand at the house within 10ft of the pool site.The installation sheet you received at the time of purchase details how much you will need. If you can not get the sand placed within 10ft you will be charged a fee depending on how far it is from the site.

Please don’t place a tarp underneath the sand. Your tarp will get irrevocably damaged by our shovels and machines. We recommend putting the sand on the ground or driveway and covering it with a tarp. The amount of sand required on the install sheet is just an estimate. Sometimes we use less and sometimes we will need more. It’s entirely dependent on the site itself.

We roll the bottom of the pool with a roller. This does not guarantee the pool will be free from divots. There is no way to predict what the earth will do when filled with thousands of pounds of water pressure. It is akin to the sandy shores of a beach, not a concrete sidewalk.

We start the initial filling of the pool but will need you to provide a hose. We stay long enough to coat the bottom with two-three inches of water, which, in turn, sets the liner. We take great care to prevent any wrinkling in the liner as the pool fills but make no guarantees against slight wrinkles.

We DO NOT give time frames for water trucks. We recommend you have some other way for the installer to at least coat the bottom with water . If there is no water source there at the time of install, it will have to be rescheduled.

We do not haul away boxes. The installers will stack the boxes, neatly, in a pile and you will be responsible for the disposal.


Please continue to fill the pool. Once it’s full, plug in the filtering system, circulate for at least 8 hours and take a sample of water to the nearest Valley Pool & Spa location.

Please have the contract printed and signed for the installer. They will go over any additional charges owed for wall foam, cove, deck fees, etc.


We do not accept checks or credit cards

Make sure you inform Valley and the scheduler if your new pool is a bigger size than the current/previous pool. Also disclose if there is a deck to consider. If a previous site needs releveled or widened the cost is $25/inch, starting with the first inch.

THERE IS A DECK FEE for installing a pool on a site that currently contains a deck. Please see installation sheet you received at the time of purchase.

There is no guarantee that the new pool will match up perfectly to the pre-existing deck.
We take pride in getting as close as we can but, in the end, there might be a gap between the pool and deck. There are nuances to every pool and the number of uprights make perfection unrealistic. There is always a possibility your installation will need to be postponed pending modifications being done to your deck. We do not cut or alter decks. You may also have to add on to the deck after the installation.


There is too much risk to the deck structure and the posts, ultimately resulting in your deck being compromised. If this is something you want done, it has to be done by you prior to installation.

We need at least a foot and a half all the way around the pool to be able to work. If your pool is surrounded by rock, stone, dirt, etc, it must be pulled back a foot and a half. The installer can do this for a fee of $100 an hour (one hour minimum). Sometimes a machine may be necessary and would be quoted on site.

Excess dirt, stone, dirt, etc that is dug up will be left in a pile near the pool site. You will be responsible for moving it or hauling it away. Once you pool is halfway full, you can use it to backfill your pool.



If the pool is not drained when the installer shows up, you will be rescheduled for the next available date.

Please have all materials on site, such as liner, new skimmer, coping, wall foam, cove and armor shield.

The first thing we do is check the pool for structural issues. 25% of liner changes end up needing a new pool due to rust or structure issues. Due to the age of pools, we are not responsible for damaged parts.



In order for us to takedown and haul away the old pool. The pool must be drained of all water.

Pools with wrap around decks, up or down hills or a very far distant from where we can get our truck, will be quoted an additional fee at time of the work being done.

Oval pools will require 2 trips due to the size and extra parts of the pool.

We do not haul away the old liner. We will cut it up and bag it up for you and leave it at the curb for garbage pick up if that's where you want us to put it.

Due to dump fees being minimum $140 we can not take the liner. We will take the liner for an additional $250 if you want us to haul it away.

With a majority of the pools nowadays being 50% plastic parts, it's hard to even scrap the old pool anymore. The wall is the only thing that can be scrapped and that's typically $10 to $15. That's why we charge a fee because more than likely it will have to be hauled away to the dump.

Installation Forms

Please read over these AND FILL OUT THE FORMS. The Installer will NOT fill out the forms at time of install.

Liner Installation
Read More

Above Ground Pool Contract
Fill Online

Excavation Contract
Read More

Completion Sheet **Installer Will Fill out after Install is Complete**
Read More

Request Scheduling

By Requesting Scheduling I acknowledge that I have read over all of the contracts and agree to the above mentioned terms. I further understand that by requesting scheduling I am agreeing to all the terms and conditions to the contracts above.

Customers will be EMAILED within 3 to 5 Business Days with our next available dates for installation after full information has been received.