This section you can view many of the top questions we get phone calls or asked about. As we are very busy and out in the field and sometimes can’t return calls right away.

Purchase the Cap Block on Lowe’s HERE

The answer is yes if your area requires one. You have to check with your local township, burrough etc. to see if your required to have one. ( you can download my insurance info on the website if you need it to pull your permit. Such as my state license and insurances).
Yes, someone must be there on each day. If you can’t be there someone at least has to be there at the start of each process. You can always print out the contracts, fill them out and sign prior to us being there if someone else will be there for you. Also whatever monies owed would have to be paid on those days (CASH ONLY).
You will get a call the morning of delivery, excavation, or installation whichever one you have scheduled that day. If you don’t’ receive a call a lot of times the crews might not have service.

WE WILL NOT AND CAN NOT give you time frames prior to the morning of.

We don’t advise you to take off work. Try to schedule someone else to be there if you can’t. Sometimes your scheduled day might get rescheduled due to weather, mechanical problems, roll overs etc.

Every site is different, it’s hard to determine without us seeing the site. Sometimes you won’t need any at all and sometimes you will need some. If you just recently took down the old pool and you purchased foam cove, more than likely you will not need any additional sand. You can ask the delivery crew when they deliver the pool what they think. A rule of the thumb on a previous site is a ton and a half if sand. Keep in mind it may or may not get used.
Please see the price sheet you received from Valley. Your pool size and the amount of sand you need will be on that page.
You need what is called CAP block. They are measured 2x8x16. Sometimes the measurements will be slightly less and those will work also as long as they are 2 inches thick. We cannot use the 4 inch block.

You can get these at Lowes, Busy Beaver, Stone & Company and most landscape supply yards.

The sand needs to be delivered within 10ft from the pool site. If this can’t happen, our guys will quote you a fee for moving the sand. Some instances we will not be able to do, such as taking it upstairs or up and down hills. You would have to find a way to get the sand back to the pool site.
We will work in the rain. If the ground is to wet or soft to excavate or install on you will be rescheduled until the ground is solid enough to move forward

Everyone’s ground dries at a different rate. You will be rescheduled with an approximate time we think it will take. If there is standing water or when you step on the earth and you sink down, it is too wet to build on.

We do not give times for water trucks. It is almost impossible to do this for multiple factors. The best we can do is tell you when we are about to install the liner. At that point we would need water within 30 minutes.

We recommend having another source of water so we can complete the job. We only need to coat the bottom about 2 inches of water. Then you can fill the rest after we leave

We do not hook up anything electrical. We are not licensed electricians. We do not wire the pump not bond anything to the pool. We set up the filter system and it is your responsibility to run electric to the pump and plug it in. You cannot run the pump until the pool is full of water.
We do not haul away the dirt we excavate. We do not load trailers, trucks etc. The day of excavation we will pile the dirt excavated within 15 ft of the pool site.
You will a good amount of dirt depending on the size and the grade of your pool. You will have to make sure you have the room to accommodate it.
Our installation warranty is 60 days from the day the install was completed. Warranty is only for installation issues. It does not cover product related issues.
It does not cover divots, wrinkles or uneven pool bottoms. We cannot determine how the earth is going to react when it has 100s of thousands of pounds of pressure on it after it fills.

The warranty also does not warranty any holes in the liner. The pool has a vinyl liner which can get holes a multitude of ways. We cannot warranty this. If there is a hole you would notice right away upon filling the pool. Any seam separations would be covered by the manufacturer of the liner. (Labor is not covered).


Once the pool is halfway full it is recommended to backfill around the whole perimeter of the pool. This keeps the sand inside the pool from being washed out due to rain or flooding. Washouts are not covered under the warranty.

For preexisting pool sites , you might also have a preexisting deck that was matched up to your previous pool.

Building a new pool with a previous deck in the way cause more work and time.
This is why an additional fee is charged. There is no guarantee the new pool will match up to the existing deck.